Saturday, March 10, 2012

A year has passed

A year will have passed since Eastern Japan Great Earthquake.
It was 2:46pm, March 11th.

It was raining past 2 days as if Japan was being purified.
It is a beautiful day today although sun can't be seen clearly yet.
I could wake up and am writing this article now.
Like this, the fact we can do daily things without thinking is actually very happy, which people often forget.
Whenever I can't find happiness and feel stuck, I come back to that day and think what I like to do if I know my world would end soon.

Many survivors still live in a small temporary house.
People who evacuated from the Fukushima nuclear power plant can't go back home and can't bring their things with them because they don't have enough spaces to keep them and also their possessions are contaminated.

And many family members live separately because they evacuated in separate shelters and they didn't think enough time to try to live together. Of course, the house is not big enough.

We can't solve the power plant problems yet.
Our government decided all the nuclear power plants should be stopped by this April.
But some people and organization disagree, saying what about our economical growth when all stop.

But I like to ask them what you will do if Japan disappears due to these power plants.
Peace should be placed before economical growth.

Right now, many experts are working on free and clean energy.
If we can use energy free, the authorities which have got profit can't get anymore.
But the period when only a few can devour profit is over,
The new period when we can coexist peacefully is coming.
We are pursuing and building such a world right now.
I believe Japan will change dramatically in the next decade.
The meaning of happiness is going to be changed soon and people really start enjoying their life truly.

It is a peaceful day today because all the Japanese have peace in our mind and send love and compassion to the survivors and the devastated areas.
Our country is filled with love and peace.

I heard the repeated local announcement while I was writing, which said
This is the first year since the disasters.
Please check and walk the evacuating route.
Talk about what we will do when disasters take place with family members.
Prepare and check the emargency items.

It was truly terrible and sad but we try to move on and make the most effective use of that experience.

Not only for Japanese but also Everybody all over the world, we never know what will happen next moment.
Please live each moment like this is the last moment.

Keep love and peace in our heart and thought and ACT!!!