Thursday, March 8, 2012

my wonderful friends

I went to celebrate Doll's festival (Girls' day) with my wonderful friends last weekend.

We met at Ginza.
She is my friend, Aki.
She works at my friend's company and her boss(=my friend) introduced her to me
because he thought we would be good friends.
She is honest and has a strong sense of justice.
I love her!

I liked her outfit and asked her to let me take a photo in front of Louis Vuitton.
We were like a tourist.

At first, we went to a cafe, Mariage Freres.

I love tea very much.
All the shop clerks were men and had a perfect knowledge about tea.
We were treated like a princess at Girl's Day!

After we enjoyed tea and cake, we went to Fukutake near Tsukiji.
This restaurant is famous for a variety of giblets' pots.
There are also other delicious meals.

Those fish come from Kyushu island, a southern island of Japan.
This restaurant specializes in Kyushu cuisine.

We had a pot of giblets.
Giblets were very chewy and it wasn't my favorite but I liked the soup.

We had a heart-shaped cookie for a kind of celebrating the day.

My little sister, Mika had a chick-shaped cookie.
To me, she is very pure like a newborn chick.
I feel responsibility to protect her!

My little sister and Aki.
They are alike and very cute!
To me, they are my little sisters.

Keiko, my best friend and me.
We were holding a bottle of plum wine.
It was a kind of joke.
Keiko can't and don't drink alcohol much.
Keiko and sake bottles are mismatch and this photo was funny to me and her friends!

Anyway, we ate everything except for a table!!!
All of us had a wonderful time together!!!