Tuesday, March 13, 2012

White Day

March 14th is the White Day in Japan.
Do you know the Day?

It is the Day when boys and men who received chocolate on the Valentine's Day return something sweet to girls and women.
I guess it's Japanese tradition created by confectionery companies.

For students, it is another very important day!
The Valentine's day is a Very Special Day for girls whose love is one sided.
Those girls decide to give chocolate to a favorite boy and tell her love for him.
Then his answer will be heard a month later on this White Day with something sweet like candies and cookies.
If he doesn't love her, nothing will be returned. Poor girls....
It's very unique tradition maybe only in Japan.
Japanese girls and women are patient enough to wait for a month to hear the answer.

Male office workers also return something to women if they got chocolate on the Valentine's Day.
Men are often ostentatious and try to return something more expensive than what they received.

Except for the Love and the Chick cookies, these are from my friends who traveled in Paris and LA.
So much cute sweets in my room!!!
Have a Sweet White Day!!!