Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oracle Cards

It is an intercalary day today, Feb. 29th.
It was the first day when my area was covered with lots of snow.

It is a snowman somehow.

I canceled today's plan and stayed home peacefully.

One of my hobbies is cards-reading.
I actually attended some courses how to read cards a few years ago.

I often use card decks designed by Dorren Virtue.
I already had 9 decks of hers and another persons.
And I ordered more recently.

I opend the Romance Angels card deck today.

The cards inside are like these.
Very beautiful and romantic!!

I'm going to have the first pastel-therapy workshop next month this year.
I'll use this deck for the attendance.

In my Japanese-language blog, I gave readers a message by usuing this card.
The card was this below.

Love Yourself First
In the same way you love yourself, you love your partner.
If you can't love yourself truly, you don't understand what the true love means
and how much your partner loves you.
You are loved by your partner as much as you love yourself.

Japanese tend to love others first and put ourselves besides.
It is very difficult to love ourselves truley.
But these days, many of us are awaken to learn how to love ourselves and start expressing.

This is the message for you in my English-language blog.

Let Your Friends Help You
Don't have problems and distress to solve by yourself.
Your friends are always there for listening to you.
You are happy when you can help your friends.
Your friends are the same.
They'll be happy when they can help you.
Please don't take those chances away from your friends.
With them, you feel new energy and refresh yourself.
Then new opportunities and ideas come to you.

There is a manual to understand each card.
But inspiration is more important when you see those cards.
If you are interested in, please try this!
Have fun!!